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Power BI Training Courses


Power BI Training Videos   

Learn Tips and Tricks about Power BI

Email:  training@ms-powerbi-training.com

ms-powerbi-training was created to provide step by step online Power BI training which will be easy to follow and implement in your business.

Power BI is the free business analytics tool from Microsoft.

Our goal is to focus on you - the Power BI user - and to provide training which will help you in your career and business.

We have more than 35 years experience in Business, Finance and Business Intelligence.

Our team members have gained experience in many business areas such as retail, manufacturing and consulting.

Our team members have the below university degrees which proof that we have the relevant credentials to provide business training:


CIMA (Chartered Institude of Management Accounting)

Honours Degree: Management Accounting

Bcom Degree: Management Accounting

We may also create customized videos especially for you.  So if you are struggling with a specific concept, we will be happy to include the training on these elements in our training materials.

Just drop us an email and let us know how we can help you to understand Power BI better.

Amy Smith

Power BI Business Leader