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Power BI Training Courses


Power BI Training Videos   

Learn Tips and Tricks about Power BI

Email:  training@ms-powerbi-training.com

  2.  Power BI Free Tutorial Video: (duration: 8.20 minutes) Create an One Drive account & find the One Drive URL to use in Power BI.

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  3. Power BI Free Tutorial Video: (duration: 5 minutes) How to create a Theme with Custom colors in Power BI.

  4.  Power BI Free Tutorial Video: (duration: 4.2 minutes) How to add and use the KPI Indicator Custom Visual in your dashboards.

  5.  Power BI Free Video: (duration: 3.4 minutes) How to add and use Sparklines ( Custom Visual ) in your dashboards.

  1.  Power BI Free Tutorial Video: (duration: 2 minutes) An Introduction to our Power BI Services (Online training videos).

  6.  Power BI Free Video: (duration: 3 minutes) Introduction to the Power BI Query, OneDrive and Flow training Course

  7.  Download the list of 6900 different colors with RGB and Hex        Codes in Excel Format.

8.  Download the List of Power BI Charts and When to Use it, in Excel Format.